Jumat, 21 November 2008

Foto Seksi Kiki Amalia

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The Indonesia Sinetron Actress Kiki Amalia very carefully spoke about the matter of the girlfriend. Especially the matter of his new girlfriend who had the initials Z. Wanita born in Jakarta this, claimed to be the trauma went out after breaking up with Hengky Kurniawan and choosing to keep his new sweetheart secret. "I still close to someone, but I not wanted to let me know who he," said Kiki, that was met KapanLagi.com, on Saturday (16/2) of .Kiki say, he was still frightened of the reporting of the media that always let the gossip loose. Moreover, Kiki had felt his pain the news of the not at all supportive media his step. Kiki chose silent the matter of the man who was talked about as his prospective spouse. "Sorry, I not wanted ngomongin the girlfriend previously." Later if already official was my husband and wife would kabarin, terangnya.Ketika was asked by the matter of the Hengky album, Kiki said congratulations on the first Hengky album that was launched. "It is hoped his album the behaviour and did not forget the previous person." Kiki felt, Hengky had the capacity to make the album and sing. I knew Hengky, he had the singing talent, he acknowledged.